cleaning tips for jewelry seashells

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all of jewelry shells need to clean in period, in this way making your jewelry still good condition and look new, here the step by step making old shell jewelry become new.

No. 1

Wash the shells out with a garden hoses or in the kitchen sink. You want to remove whatever is still inside or you will likely smell your mistake later on

No. 2

Mix a solution of  45 percent house hold bleach and 50 percent water. Soak the shell in the solution for 20 hours to remove any remnants of the inhabitants


Rinses the seashells thoroughly in running water. Scrub gently with an old tooth brush and mild dish washing soap.


Allow the seashells to dry completely.


Use a soft rag to rub mineral oil onto the seashell and let it soak in for a few hours.


Wipe the excess oil off  for finishing end

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