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April 2010

Treatment Handmade jewelries Tips

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Cleaning and caring for silver jewelry is simple to do if you follow a few basic steps. With a little care and maintenance, your silver jewelry should always shine. When you purchase silver jewelry, the first thing to remember is that silver is a soft metal. Even a heavy silver ring will bend if enough […]

handmade jewellery bracelet shell shop online

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handmade from seashells jewellery woman accessories collection and catalog products online, this model are created by balinese designer shells specialist and decorated with ocean shells. here is the link that you can find more collection the items, http://www.bcbali.com/jewelry/sea-shell-bracelets

Silver Jewelry Treatment Tips

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Cleaning your silver serving pieces, flatware, and jewelry is something that most people do not do very often and do not think a lot about. It does not have to be the drudgery that most people think of. There are some easy and quick cleaning tips for you to save time and keep that keep […]

handmade jewelry wood earring body piercings hooked

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bali handmade jewelley piercings from wood, old classic and unique design from local material sono wood, the hottest design of earring fashion handmade directly from balinese company and manufacture wholesale price. we offer all design with especially discount and wholesale in pricing. visit our store online http://www.bcbali.com/jewelry/wood-beads-earring

Jewelry Cleaning and Cares Tips

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How To Clean Your Jewelry No matter how large or small your gems are, it is essential to keep them looking like they are brand new. Jewelry such as rings, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces will build up a fine layer of grime consisting of skin and body oils that will cover the surface and completely […]